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AGLCC Hosts AAA Travel Agency and The GPF Group LLC

AAA Travel

Bruce Logue, Dawnmarie Mannino, Marilee Feliciano, Glenn Paul Freedman, Hector Lopez, Dan Dunlop

AGLCC Hosts AAA Travel Agency and The GPF Group LLC

The GPF Group, LLC – offers consulting services that focus on clients’ most critical issues and
opportunities: * Political Campaign Logistics, * Operations & Compliance Management, * Financial
Services, * Political Event Planning, * Governmental Affairs, * Executive Management Services, * Project
Management, * Travel & Event Management Clients: * Georgia House Democratic Caucus, Democratic Party of Georgia & House Minority Leader Stacey Abrams, * GeorgiaNext, Inc., * Grady Health System, * The LMB Group, LLC, * Upfront Megatainment Special Projects & Non-Profit Organizations: * Atlanta Pride Committee, * State Committee, Democratic Party of Georgia, * Georgia Equality, * Victory Fund, * Atlanta Gay Lesbian Chamber of Commerce.

AAA Travel is a full service travel agency that has been around over 100 years. We specialize in cruises,
tours, and packages. AAA members receive benefits that you can receive no where else, including personalized service, travel advice, and more.

Hector Lopez is a recently-joined new Allied member of AGLCC, and founder of Lopez Construction Inc.  A long-time expert in real estate, Hector saw an opportunity to meet the needs of his clients to renovate their properties.  In 1990, he apprenticed under 2 master builders, learning the in’s and out’s of the business of being a general contractor over several years, ultimately starting his own company in 1997.

AGLCC Breaks Down 2016

Visionary Services

Emma Foulkes, Tasha Reid, Jack Kinley, Dan Dunlop

AGLCC Breaks Down 2016

I caught up with Emma Foulks and Jack Kinley to talk about what AGLCC accomplished in 2016 as well as what’s in store for 2017.  Former Division I basketball player, Tasha Reid, joined us from Visionary Services to talk about how she has built a business providing services to the Federal government.

Visionary Services is an 8(a) certified, woman-owned, minority-owned business enterprise based out of Atlanta, Georgia. In our six (6) years of facilities support services we have encountered a common goal with all of our customers, the motivation is to frame appealing , flawless project in a time sufficient manner and at the incomparable cost possible.

Visionary dominates with the experience and ability required to be more than aggressive in today’s facilities and support market and to assist you attain achievement in any project. We have made it a mission to serve the community, the government and surrounding industries with a quality expertise that is excellent in all areas of facilities support services.

Dan Dunlop, founder of Dunlop Productions, sat in for Bruce Logue and shared some information about a YouTube interview series he’s going to be doing with Emma Foulkes called, “Timely Talk” and “Sandwich Talk”, aimed at providing insights folks young and old should consider around life and wealth planning.

AGLCC Hosts Action Cycling Atlanta, Aniz Inc, and Pride School Atlanta

Midtown Business Radio

AGLCC Hosts Action Cycling Atlanta, Aniz Inc, and Pride School Atlanta

We continue our series with Atlanta Gay & Lesbian Chamber of Commerce (AGLCC), with Emma Foulkes and Bruce Logue joining me as co-hosts.  The focus of this week’s episode centered on several non-profit organizations and the work they are doing in the community.

Pride School Atlanta, for ages 5-18, is a nonprofit democratic school community that is free of homophobia and transphobia where LGBTQQIA & Ally youth, educators and families come together to create a thriving space where everyone gets to be themselves, regardless of gender identity, gender expression or affectional preference. In addition to our school, Pride School Atlanta, Inc. provides support, networking and training for LGBTQQIA & Ally youth, educators, families, and organizations. We partner with organizations around Atlanta and the U.S. to continue creating a world where ALL may thrive, regardless of gender identity, gender expression or affectional preference.

Action Cycling Atlanta is an all volunteer 501(c)(3) non profit that supports events that are used to raise money in support of AIDS Vaccine Research and other AIDS Supporting Organizations, as well as create awareness about the ongoing epidemic of HIV/AIDS. The money raised through these events is 100% donated to the charities they benefit.

Aniz, Inc. promotes emotional and physical wellness by providing mental health and substance abuse counseling, support services, and sexual health education. We do this work with the overarching objective of reducing risk behaviors in individuals and families affected by sexual health disparities including HIV/AIDS.


AGLCC Hosts T Mobile, DiOGi Pet Services and Training, Out Front Theatre Company

T Mobile Business Solutions

Emma Foulkes, Paul Conroy, Jasmine Shoemaker, Bruce Logue, Courtney DeDi

AGLCC Hosts T Mobile, DiOGi Pet Services & Training, Out Front Theatre Company

AGLCC’s Emma Foulkes and Bruce Logue host AGLCC Platinum Corporate Partner, T Mobile’s Jasmine Shoemaker and Victoria Mosley, Courtney DeDi, founder of DiOGi Pet Services & Training, and Out Front Theatre Company on this week’s show.

T-Mobile Business is a team of professionals dedicated to helping businesses identify opportunities to run more efficiently and with higher productivity. We are no longer just a wireless company, we are a technology company that listens to customers and address their pain points. Any solution you can think of that you need to positively impact your business we either make or partner with someone who does.

Out Front Theatre Company exists to tell stories of the LGBTQIA experience and community, through theatre and the performing arts, to the greater Atlanta area.  Paul spoke about how the theater got its start, seeking to provide an entertainment venue that would serve the members of this community by presenting works that are relevant and important to them.

DiOGi Pet Services & Training is Atlanta’s premiere dog walking, pet sitting and dog training company.  DiOGi has been in business since 2010 serving the in-town areas of Atlanta. Their specialty is caring for pets with behavioral issues and special needs. Courtney, the owner, is a PetTECH pet first aid and CPR instructor, and the entire DiOGi team is trained by her so we can provide the best and safest possible pet sitting and dog walking experience possible.

DiOGi has 2 CPDT-KA certified dog trainers on staff who work hand in hand with their team of dog walkers and pet sitters to ensure effectiveness on all fronts for their training clients who also utilize DiOGi’s other pet services. The DiOGi team is required to volunteer with pet related non-profits as well as attend educational seminars quarterly so that they can all be the most informed pet care professionals available. From VIP Taxi rides and field trips to daily dog walks and sleepovers, DiOGi is Atlanta’s most trusted company to care for the furry, feathered and scaled babies within the comfort of their own homes and surroundings.

Special Guests:

Paul Conroy, Out Front Theatre Company

Jasmine Shoemaker and Victoria Mosley, T Mobile Business Solutions

Courtney DeDi, DiOGi Pet Services & Training


AGLCC’s Emma Foulks Talks Out In The Kitchen


Carlton Brown, Angel Touwsma, Elizabeth Odem


Emma Foulkes, Vadam Clementi, Carlton Brown

AGLCC’s Emma Foulks Talks Out In The Kitchen

On this week’s episode, AGLCC’s Emma Foulks Talks Out In The Kitchen with Occasional Occasions’ Chef Carlton Brown and Chef Vedam Clementi, author of “Vedam’s Gluten Free & Fabulous! Recipes From A Southern Gay Househusband.”  Both chefs are contributing their culinary treats for the upcoming Out In The Kitchen event December 7 at the W Midtown.  Also joining us were Elizabeth Odom and Angel Touwsma from the W’s sales and marketing team to talk about why the W enjoys hosting this and other AGLCC events.

Chef Vedam Clementi is a gluten free personal chef and the author of “Vedam’s Gluten Free & Fabulous! Recipes From A Southern Gay Househusband.” After suffering for over two decades with misdiagnosed health issues, Vedam was diagnosed with Non-Celiac Gluten Sensitivity, and had to learn to cook a new way – completely gluten free. The cookbook not only offers Southern dishes but also includes gluten free basics, how to create your own flour blend, how to set up a gluten free kitchen and home, breakfasts, soups, side and main dishes, desserts and some of his and his husband’s favorite dishes and cuisines.

Chef Vedam is a personal chef providing delicious gluten free meals customized to your tastes and needs and conveniently prepared in your home. Whether you want to plan a special dinner, or to have frozen, easy-to- reheat prepared meals for those days you are too busy to cook, he will work with you to develop a delectable gluten free menu. Vedam also offers customized gluten free hors d’oeuvres, desserts, and complete meals for parties and corporate events.

Understanding the challenges of gluten free living, Vedam offers in-home cooking classes and guidance on setting up a gluten free kitchen and home. He is also busy creating new recipes for his next gluten free cookbook which will focus on more vegetarian and health-conscious recipes.

Offering boutique-style catering services for your private, corporate, or non-profit affair, Occasional Occasions by
Carlton will make your Occasional Occasion truly memorable. Founded in 1994 by Carlton A. Brown, Occasional Occasions by Carlton has been serving clients, corporate and private, throughout the Atlanta Metropolitan area. What we offer you is not only great food, but elegant presentations and impeccable service. Visualize all of this and you will foresee how Occasional Occasions by Carlton will create your event, personalized to your needs and operating comfortably within your budget.

W’s 14th Street address places you in the heart of Atlanta’s most dynamic neighborhood, Midtown, with
over 22 miles of urban redevelopment at your fingertips, picturesque Piedmont Park in our backyard, and
world-class shopping, dining and nightlife surrounding. you’ll appreciate having the city at your fingertips.

Ignite your stay in one of W’s 466 unique, spacious guestrooms and suites with unmatched floor to ceiling
Atlanta skyline and park views.  Upon arrival, guests walk into a dramatic open air Living Room, amplifying the energy that W Hotels are known for with sounds from impromptu and often intimate performances featuring what’s new/next from the Atlanta music scene. Delight in classic and modern twists on New South favorites at TRACE, our Midtown Atlanta restaurant.

The W scene continues to unfold as the guests arrive to the signature glass lift and connect instantly with SPG keyless room access.  Weekend adventurers escape here to indulge in Bliss spa and FIT, W Atlanta Midtown’s 24/7 gym. For those seeking outdoors, grab a bike and hit the Beltline or take a walk on the natural side exploring Piedmont Park. And when the sun sets, free your inner night owl at some of Atlanta’s chicest clubs.

AGLCC 2016 Community Awards

Community Awards

Emma Foulkes, Jack Kinley, Bruce Logue, Cale Robert Hall, Paul Beauchamp

AGLCC 2016 Community Awards

On this week’s episode with AGLCC, co-hosts Emma Foulkes and Bruce Logue host current AGLCC President, Jack Kinley, and 2016 Community Awards recipients, Cale Robert Hall, of Creative Approach, and Paul Beauchamp, of Gayborhood, and  Jack Kinley talks about awards AGLCC won at recent national conference.

More info soon!



AGLCC Community Awards Dinner

community awards

Bruce Logue, Doug Roberts, Cindy Brown, Sharon McMahon, Tony Kearny, Dan Dunlop

AGLCC Community Awards Dinner

On this week’s episode, Bruce Logue and guest co-host, Dan Dunlop, of Dunlop Productions, hosted Cindy Brown and Sharon McMahon, Doug Roberts, and Tony Kearny, and shared information about the upcoming AGLCC Community Awards Dinner September 23.

Doug Roberts is a Certified Financial Planner with Ameriprise.  He helps his clients achieve their dreams for today,
tomorrow, and well into the future — using Ameriprise’s exclusive Confident Retirement ® approach.  It starts with a
personalized conversation about covering essentials, ensuring lifestyle, preparing for the unexpected and leaving a legacy. By breaking your financial goals down into doable steps, Ameriprise financial planners can help take the uncertainty out of planning for your financial future.

A dynamic duo of wedding photographers in love, Cindy and Sharon, are ready to tell your love story. They’re
photographers by craft, but story-tellers at heart. And are dedicated to documenting marriage equality one
ceremony at a time. Well-known for C. Brown Photography, the ladies saw an opportunity to serve the needs of same-sex couples seeking photography for their weddings.

They’ve been civilly unionized in Vermont, married in Connecticut and vow-renewed here in Atlanta and would
love to share what they know about same-sex weddings with you.

Tony Kearny is Director of Corporate Partnerships with Planned Parenthood Southeast.  The organization believes in the fundamental right of each individual, throughout our service area, to manage his or her fertility, regardless of the individual’s income, marital status, race, ethnicity, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, age, religion, disability, or residence.

Planned Parenthood believes that respect and value for diversity in all aspects of the organization are essential to their well-being. They also believe that reproductive self-determination must be voluntary and preserve the individual’s right to privacy.  Additionally, Planned Parenthood further believes that such self-determination will contribute to an enhancement of the quality of life and strong family relationships.

Special Guests:

Cindy Brown and Sharon MacMahon, Co-Founders, Same Sex Wedding Photograpers


Doug Roberts, Certified Financial Planner, Ameriprise


Tony Kearny, Director of Strategic Partnerships, Planned Parenthood Southeast


AGLCC Extreme Small Business Makeover


Emma Foulkes, Rick Kern, Bruce Logue, Gabrielle Claiborne, Linda Herzer, Dwayne Keller, Brian Ettelman


Gabrielle Claiborne, Linda Herzer, Dwayne Keller, Brian Ettelman

Extreme Small Business Makeover

Gabrielle Claiborne and Linda Herzer


Emma Foulkes, Rick Kern, Bruce Logue

AGLCC Extreme Small Business MakeoverAGLCC Extreme Small Business Makeover

AGLCC’s Emma Foulkes and Bruce Logue host one of the winners of the AGLCC Extreme Small Businessman Makeover presented by First Data, Gabrielle Claiborne, and Linda Herzer, of Transformation Journeys Worldwide.  Also featured were InterContinental Hotels Group Buckhead’s Dwayne Keller and Brian Ettelman, and AGLCC Small Business of The Year Award winner Rick Kern, of MixIt Marketing.

More info soon!


AGLCC Procurement Spotlight


Emma Foulkes and Sheila Merritt


Dan Dunlop, Sheila Merritt, Bruce Logue

AGLCC Procurement Spotlight

On July’s episode of Midtown Business Radio with Atlanta Gay & Lesbian Chamber of Commerce (AGLCC) co-hosts, Emma Foulkes, of Foulkes & Steele Wealth Management, and Bruce Logue, of Corbell Group–Keller Williams, hosted Sandy Mollett, of First Data, Dan Dunlop, of Dunlop Productions, and former AGLCC President, Sheila Merritt.

One of the highlights of the show focused on the recent Procurement Spotlight hosted by Cox Communications.  Dan Dunlop talked about participating in the Shark Tank competition featuring 3 area businesses vying for the top spot, selected by Cox Communications executives doing the judging.  The entrepreneurs had 5 minutes each to pitch their business solutions before the winner (Dan Dunlop) was selected.

The Procurement Spotlight allowed attendees to meet Cox Communications procurement executives and learn about supplier opportunities and hone their ability to share their businesses with prospective clients.

We were also joined by Sandy Mollett of First Data.  First Data is a global leader in commerce-enabling technology and solutions, serving approximately six million business locations and 4,000 financial institutions in 118 countries around the world. The company’s 24,000 owner-associates are dedicated to helping companies, from start-ups to the world’s largest corporations, conduct commerce every day by securing and processing more than 2,500 transactions per second and $1.9 trillion per year.  Around the world, First Data simplifies institutions and their customers.

Sandy shared how First data is hosting AGLCC University on August 2nd for networking with First Data’s SVP of Strategic Sourcing and members of his team. Stay for a dynamic presentation of small businesses pitching for a Small Business Extreme Makeover and learn how they’re preparing their businesses for the next wave of growth!

Emma and Bruce were also very pleased to re-introduce Sheila Merritt, a former President of AGLCC, who is coming back to the AGLCC leadership team as Corporate Partner Relationship Manager to foster relationships with enterprises in the community and promote engagement with LGBTBE entrepreneurs.

Special Guests:

Sheila Merritt, Corporate Partner Relationship Manager, AGLCC linkedin_small1  twitter_logo_small  facebook_logo_small3


Sandy Mollett, SVP, Strategy & Programs / Co-Chair, Atlanta Diversity & Cultural Council, First Data  linkedin_small1  twitter_logo_small  facebook_logo_small3  youtube logo


Dan Dunlop, Founder/President, Dunlop Productions  linkedin_small1


AGLCC Talks Elder Care

elder care

Emma Foulkes and Lisa Kaufman

elder care

Hillary Thomas, Michelle Thompson, Bruce Logue

AGLCC Talks Elder Care

I hosted AGLCC’s Emma Foulkes and Bruce Logue, along with their guests Lisa Kaufman, Hillary Thomas, and Michelle Thompson to talk about elder care.  This issue will affect all of our loved ones along with each of us.  Our experts help their clients create a plan that will make life easier when it comes time to implement an elder care plan, as well as how to protect family assets through working with an attorney versed in law affecting our elderly loved ones.